What We're Building

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Friends don't let friends get bad deals.

Cashback Comparison

We scan every cashback website to find the highest cashback offers. So no matter where you shop, you always know you're getting the best deal.

Coming Soon

Tired of Netflix price increases?

Subscriptions monitor

Keep tabs on your subscriptions, get reminders before renewal dates, and access step-by-step guides to cancel those pesky recurring bills.

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That price got low, low, low, low...

Price Drop Tracker

Set up price drop alerts for your every item on your wish list, and we'll notify you when they go on sale. Shop smart and never pay full price again.

Coming Soon

Free flights are closer than you think.

Card Points Optimizer

Uncover every credit card perk you didn’t know about, and use our powerful rewards engine to get the most out of all your credit card points.